Welcome to the Hood – Blog 1


Welcome to the hood – Blog 1

Firstly, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings. I decided to start this blog to document all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) times of parenting and being a first time mum.

Where do I start?

Rosie is nearly 6 months old. 6 MONTHS! How can that be! I honestly do not know where the time goes? It feels like just yesterday I saw those double lines on my first pregnancy test and now BAM She’s 6 months old. The saying “Blink and you’ll miss it” is oh so true. Although you do not realise it at the time. From a young age I had always wanted to become a Mum but little did I know just how magical (and exhausting!) it would be.

Our journey started long before we started actually “trying”. Not long after Robert and I met, I found out that I had a large fibroid causing me bother and I underwent 2 lots of surgery to have it removed. My surgeon and doctors “recommended” we start trying for a baby mid-twenties to give me the best chance of conceiving as they advised the fibroids could come back (URGH! Realllly?). I was 24 and Robert and I had only being dating a few months, it was a lot to take in! I knew my body needed to heal from the surgery and we just weren’t at the right point in our lives to even think about becoming parents.

Fast forward a few small years and we had made the move over to Sydney, both had good jobs, a comfortable apartment and a supportive set of friends. Deciding to add a baby whilst all our family are in the UK was a big decision for us. Would we have the support? Could we handle it? We didn’t have the answers but knew that we would make it work as we had each other. (Naww….Cute)

We were lucky enough that after a few short months we had conceived (YAY). The weeks just flew by, I had every app going and just loved reading what type of fruit my baby was the size of that week. Every little symptom I tried to embrace (Hello cankles!) and I actually LOVED being pregnant. Well except for the huge feet mentioned above and being heavily pregnant in an australian summer (Didn’t time that quite right did I!). Before I knew it, pregnancy was nearly over and I was giving birth to our baby. We had no idea on the sex and it really didn’t matter. The moment I heard her first little cry and she was handed to us was the best moment of my life and everything in that moment was utterly perfect.

The journey into Motherhood is one that is very individual. We all have our challenges. We all have our stories. And it’s those stories that makes us who we are as women and mothers.

By sharing our stories and connecting with one another, means we are inspiring, supporting and lifting each other up. After all we are all in this together.

Welcome to this wonderful hood called motherhood.

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