Yummy Mummies and those Breastfeeding comments…

Ok so….We all love a bit of controversy! And generally reality TV is the platform for it.

Like many other Australian mums I was shocked at the adverts for the new show “Yummy Mummies” on Channel 7. But I do love a bit reality TV and I thought to myself….I’ll give it a go!

So…this show follows Rachel, Lorinska and Jane – The Melbourne Yum Mums.

I actually find myself warming to these ladies. They seem a fun bunch and are total babes. (Ladies – you are all total babes too whether you are glam 24/7 or the PJ alllll day type, like me tehehe)

Then the show brings in another Mum – Maria from Adelaide. She lives a designer lifestyle and has Versace galore. Like WOW. So. Much. Versace. Each to their own I say!

Anywhooo…. It’s episode 3 that aired last night that really caught my attention.

Maria and her super outgoing mum Margherita stop for a spot of lunch after a day of shopping. There is another mum who arrives and sits beside them on another table. She begins breastfeeding her 4 and a half month old baby.

A few of the comments Maria and Margherita make are as follows:

For me, Breastfeeding in public should be made Illegal”

She is making me so uncomfortable”

i HATE that, It’s disgusting”

There’s men in here!”

It’s just not classy”

The boobs are supposed to be a sexual thing”

Shes not embarrassed at all”

Now – What I will say is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However as a new mum these comments affected me. Whether they are purely done for Channel 7 entertainment purposes or to cause controversy and get ratings or not. They affected me.

So I wanted to address each of the above for any new mums or mums to be.

For me, Breastfeeding in public should be made Illegal” – Breastfeeding is your choice and if you choose to breastfeed you do it wherever and whenever your baby is hungry. Full stop.

She is making me so uncomfortable” – WHO CARES. If people are uncomfortable that is THEIR problem. Not yours.

i HATE that, It’s disgusting” If feeding your baby is classed as disgusting then I must be a terrible parent.

There’s men in here!” Erm…. AND??

It’s just not classy” – WHAT? Feeding your baby whenever needed….not classy? Oh i’m sorry let me get my Versace boob out!

The boobs are supposed to be a sexual thing” – OH MY GAHHH I CANNOT!

She’s not embarrassed at all” – She has has no NEED to be embarrased, That’s why!

As a new mum you want to do what is best for you and for your baby. Some choose to breastfeed and some choose to bottled feed. Whichever you choose does not matter. As long as your baby is fed and is happy. That is truly what matters.

Comments like the above are just so ignorant. How can someone pass judgement on the way another baby is fed? Like seriously.

What is wrong with breastfeeding your baby in public? NOTHING.

As a new mum you do not want to be chained to the house all day. It’s nice to go for coffee or for a brunch or a nice walk with your new bundle. It is good for both of you.

What you do NOT need as a mum is to be judged HOW you are feeding your baby and WHERE you are feeding your baby. It is the last thing we as mums should worry about.

Now I love Channel 7 (Don’t know what i’d do without Sam and Koche every morning seriously!) However Channel 7 you NEED to think about the message this show is portraying. Is it just a phase or will you lose viewers? I wonder!

To all you wonderful Mums and Mums to be – Whatever your choice of feeding is – OWN IT.

Just like that awesome mum in the background of yummy mummies did. With confidence and dignity.


Happy Feeding

Danielle Lauren xoxo

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