Date Nights

So this weekend we did Date night. Date night? Whats that I hear you ask. I know right. How many of us parents have regular date nights? Not us that’s for sure. Before baby we would always have a date night every week. We didn’t have to go out necessarily but every week we would dedicate one day and have quality time together. Looking back we had some GREAT date nights. Everything from Ice Skating to Wine and cheese nights to Netflix binges and a takeaway. It was always something we could look forward to.

When baby comes along though, you priority’s change. And that’s OK. They are meant to change but sometimes it is nice to make time for just the two of you so you can appreciate each other and keep that spark alive. I must admit though I felt like it was just going to be too much effort. I mean just the organising of it all……

Who will look after Rosie?

Where will we go?

Will I just worry the whole time?


There’s just Robert and I here in Aussie, So babysitting options are limited. When a lovely friend of mine offered, We snapped the opportunity straight up! We NEEDED a little mummy and daddy time (You feel me mama’s). As parents you are always expected to be “ON” There’s no “Oh I don’t feel great, I cant Mum today” It can take its toll on you and your relationship. Sometimes it feels as if you have just become roommates and are just going through the motions so I do believe its important to set some time a side for just the two of you.

When the day actually came I had so much prep to do!

Shave legs (and whole body) – CHECK

Get outfit ready and ironed so I don’t have major wardrobe disaster – CHECK

Bottles and long list of all possible scenarios for friend the babysitter – CHECK

Mobile phone fully charged (As I will check it multiple times a minute) – CHECK

I felt ready. Well as ready as I could be.

We journeyed into the city. My feet hurt by the time I got to the train station wearing my heels (Sooo not a pro heel wearer) but I felt pretty so I worked those sore feet! I kept checking my phone but Rob assured me she would be fine and was in great hands. I felt as if I was missing something. No pram or giant nappy bag. No bottles and spare outfit changes. Just me, my lippy and my suited and booted guy on my arm.

We arrived in the city and the evening involved beautiful food, delicious wine and a few cheeky cocktails. We talked (mostly about Rosie) and we laughed and it felt so good. We held hands and kissed over the table. The night was magical. It soon came to an end and we were home by 11pm. Rosie was fast asleep and we were told she had been very good with minimal disruption. Seeing her settled in her cot with her little angelic face was the perfect end to the perfect night.

In those few little hours together, it made us both feel so connected, refreshed and oh so appreciative of one another. It may have been an effort to organise but it really was worth it. It made me realise that it’s OK to still want that alone time. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent. In fact, having time to yourselves every now and then probably makes you a better parent as you are also looking after your needs. I woke on the Saturday and couldn’t wait for morning cuddles with my gorgeous little family.

So ladies, I encourage you and your partners to make that time. You just never know how much good it will do you!

Happy Date nights!

Danielle Lauren xoxo

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