Quality family time

Isn’t family time just the best? I have found myself craving those weekend moments. Where we have morning cuddles in bed, make coffee and get ready at a leisurely pace as we are in no rush to go or BE anywhere. Where I can have a hot shower in peace. Where I can just sit back and watch Dad bond with little miss whilst she giggles in excitement at every silly noise he makes. Where just running errands suddenly becomes more exciting as we are all together, as a family unit. All 3 of us. Those long weekend days are just perfection.

But I mean…Life.

A normal day isn’t quite like that though is it? The 5am wake ups either from robs work alarm or well…..Rosie. And mornings are more like poo explosion stained onesie’s, crappy morning tv and literally running for the coffee. (Seriously how long does that kettle take to boil?) As for getting ready at a leisurely pace? Erm… yeah just no. It is more like “Can my pj’s pass as acceptable clothing to wear all day?”

By the time the weekend comes you are just so ready for that family togetherness. So this week Rob has had a few quiet work days. Not ideal but Yay family time! So what do we do? We road trip. We packed a picnic (And literally an extra set of everything “just in case”, you know) and we ventured to Sydney’s northern beaches. Now technically it is Winter but when the sun is shining, the beach calls. Palm trees lined the path, Surfers lined the shore and there we were sat in the middle of it all exploring the sand. In winter.

I realised just how lucky we were to live in such stunning surroundings. There is something so peaceful about being near the water. It’s where I feel my most relaxed. The sounds of the waves, the kids playing and birds fighting over food. You look around and see family’s from all walks of life enjoying that quality family time.

It had me thinking, What if I took away the picturesque backdrop and the weather what would I be left with?

My little family, That’s what.

Sometimes in life we concentrate on the day to day struggles and get caught up in life. Sometimes we need to take a moment to just step back and appreciate what we have. Whats right in front of us.

Motherhood is worth the wake up calls, the poop and the bags under the eyes. Its worth Every. Little. Moment. Sometimes it takes that quality family time to realise just how lucky we are.

Happy Exploring Mama’s

Danielle Lauren xoxo

5 thoughts on “Quality family time

  1. This is such a beautiful post Danielle, and it’s so true! I often ask myself if my pj’s can pass as clothes as I do the coffee run haha I so agree with you about savouring family time together, it’s my favourite part of every day xxx

  2. I love this. Speaking so much truth! Family time is so important and making time for it is often harder than you think. Love all the photos! My husband and I would love to visit Australia some day!

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