Milestones and magical moments

When you find out you are pregnant for the first time, You don’t quite realise the journey you have embarked on. From that very moment your life has changed. All of a sudden there are so many wonderful milestones to celebrate. Like getting to that 12 week mark, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling those wiggles. The list goes on. But it doesn’t stop there.

Pregnancy is just the first step in these milestones. Once you have given birth to your little bundle that’s when the real fun starts. Now, I had a general idea of what to expect with my babies milestones. But what I didn’t expect was how they would make me feel.

The moment Rosie beamed her first smile up at me, The excitement, the emotions, the pure tears of joy. It made me melt. All of a sudden she was gurgling, rolling over and trying solids. Just so many firsts i couldn’t keep up. Pre-parenthood you don’t quite realise just how big these milestones are. People tell you, yes, but once you enter into that world yourself you soon find out just how magical these moments are and suddenly you are the proudest parents in the world.

Now I really wanted to document all these milestones, As a memory and something to look back on. I had this wonderful baby book which documented everything throughout my pregnancy. Appointments, names, things we had bought. It was really great and I took it everywhere. Always finding a little bit of time either on my commute to work or of an evening.

When Rosie was born I knew I wanted to do the same and document all her special moments. I found the cutest little Peter Rabbit record book and keepsake box that was perfect to hold all these memories. When it came to actually filling it in though (Seriously who has time to fill these in?) it felt like a chore. Those newborn days are a haze of constant feeding and trying to cat nap here and there that I had no interest in sitting down and filling this out. Until now.


I finally sat down with my coffee in hand and took the opportunity to start completing her book. Now at nearly 7 months old, there was a lot to complete. Sitting back and reflecting on the past few months was actually a really beautiful process. I found myself getting pretty teary as I went into detail about the moment we met and just how happy she has made us from then on.

These moments we share, the memories we create are up to us with what we do with them. With so many firsts yet to come it makes me look forward to the next chapters of our lives.

So enjoy the moment Mama’s, For it will soon be a memory.

Danielle Lauren xoxo

5 thoughts on “Milestones and magical moments

  1. Beautiful words Dan, mommy hood is the best. Our little bundles bring so much happiness and joy to our lives! Keep blogging beautiful.

  2. This was beautifully written and emotion-stirring coming from a first time mommy to a little girl that just turned ONE 😢 loved this read and can’t wait to read more! I love going back and remembering all those early days, they were so special….and quiet haha

  3. It’s so true Danielle, there are so many firsts! And it’s so good that you have been documenting them all. I never kept a baby book for either of my kids – I rely on facebook photos and post dates to remember when things happened hehe So good on you for documenting it! And yes many more firsts to come. xxx

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