Making it through the first year

ONE. My baby is one years old. How did that go by so fast? She is no longer this tiny baby but a cheeky, energetic little toddler (blink and you’ll miss it I swear) On the lead up to her first birthday I have been reflecting back on this past year and all I can say is WE MADE IT. We made it through the newborn stage, the sleepless nights, the weaning, the teething, the exhaustion and a truck load of laundry(which unfortunately is never ending). At the time all these things seemed like they would last forever, but now just 12 little months down the line we are hitting the toddler stage and looking back all I can remember are the smiles, the giggles, the fun bath times, the first family trips and a whole lot of love.


Life before children is certainly easier, you have more freedom, you can shower and do your hair in peace, you can go ANYWHERE without having to think whether or not its baby friendly. Life was great pre-Rosie, we ate out, went on fancy holidays and had superb social lives but I don’t miss it and I honestly wouldn’t change it. Becoming a mum means i get to experience everything again for the first time through her eyes. The magic of seeing your child’s world light up at new things she is learning and seeing everyday is just so wonderful. Don’t get me wrong parenting is HARD. I guess I didn’t realise just how hard it would be, but it really is the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

As a new parent you also learn new skills that you may not of realised you even possessed. So here is a list of all the wonderful things you learn in that first year.

PATIENCE – we have to wait 9 whole months to meet our babies after all but that’s just the beginning where patience comes in.

PESERVERANCE – Persevering through breastfeeding, sleepless nights, Screaming babies and working out whats wrong. Perseverance is key.

MULTITASKING – Cooking food, Feeding baby whilst on the phone and putting a load of washing in. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Yep, we can do it all.

SURVIVING ON LITTLE SLEEP – You CAN actually survive on minimal sleep – BARELY though ill add.

THE ABILITY TO WORK OUT WHAT YOUR BABIES CRY MEANS – This takes practice but we obviously nail that too.

THE ONE HANDED EVERYTHING – whether it be changing a nappy, eating food, texting, you can literally do everything one handed. HIGH FIVE!

FORMULA 1 PRAM SKILLS – Oh yes, try me. I can do anything with that thing at top speeds, swerving in and out, up and down. Just call me Lewis Hamilton of the pram world.

These are just a small number of skills we learn and I guess as parents we will continue to learn and grow as our little ones do. As a first time parent you really don’t know what to expect or how you are going to deal with things. I for one, am always questioning how i dealt with the latest tantrum or how I can get her to eat better. The list goes on. It’s not just the newborn stage that tests us, that is just the beginning of our challenges. Now I have a toddler who wants to explore everything and I cannot let my guard down even for a second for fear of her licking the plug sockets. That raises the question – have i baby-proofed everything? Well all I can say is I hope so. I’m sure babies have this sense that you don’t want them to go in a certain area and then BAM they are there. I’m forever moving Rosie into safe areas – like her playpen. Which she loves and is filled with fun toys she can play with but i’m sure she would rather play with the TV remote half the time.




The time goes too quick and I find myself constantly stuck between wishing she was still a tiny baby to loving her new found independence and her little personality which is starting to shine. That being said, The first year is now over, she has reached her first birthday and we managed to keep her alive and healthy and we are still sane! Who knows what the next year will bring but I look forward to the challenges and memories we make together as a family. Here’s to the next 12 months.

Happy Birthday little one.



5 thoughts on “Making it through the first year

  1. Why not the Mark Webber of Pram Skills? Sure he’s not as big a champion. But he’s all smiles. Plus. Straya. We are looking at our twins turning 2 in march. It does go so fast. Cheers to your little one.

    1. I’m not very good with my F1 knowledge 😂 The time really does fly by sometimes i wish i could hit pause! Hope your twins have a fabulous birthday in march!

  2. The first year is one of the hardest and you guys made it!!! Congratulations you sweet little gorgeous girl, one has never looked better 😍 I was a soppy mess the night before my daughter turned one but honestly we have made even more incredible memories since! Parenting is the hardest but best job in the world ❤️

  3. I can’t believe little miss Rosie is one! She looks so grown up and adorable in her photos, just gorgeous! You’re right, the first year is tough. Especially the sleep deprivation! But it does get better thankfully! Lucky they’re so cute hey 😁 thanks for sharing x

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