Moving the family home (including breakables & decluttering)

As you may of seen we recently moved house! We packed up all of our belongings – which was  A LOT by the way! I didn’t quite realise just how much stuff we had accumulated, especially since having kids. We said goodbye to our 2 bedroom apartment in favour of somewhere with more space and garden for the girls to run around in. Moving is never easy, but it can be made a lot simpler by following a few steps!

Step 1: Prepare

Preparing for a house move is almost more important and stressful than actually moving! You need to prepare a thorough step-by-step plan to ensure nothing is left to the last minute. The earlier you start to pack means you will have extra time to declutter – ensuring only your favourite and most useful items make it to your fresh new home! Make sure to allow enough time to go through each room from top to tail, dedicating one day per room so you don’t get bored (or more likely tired, haha). As you go through your belongings I find it very useful to have three piles: the yes section; the no section; and maybe section. The yes comes with you to your new home, you can pack this up when ready. The no is what you don’t want or need anymore (think of how you can donate or recycle this pile to reduce waste). The maybe pile can be set aside – you have two options here, either leave them out and revisit closer to moving day, or store them until after the move and when unpacking ask yourself if you missed them?

Step 2: Pack

Packing can be a nightmare – even more so with kids. The thought of packing with young kids can be very draining. When do you do it, nap time? What if they wake up, will you have enough time? It can be so easy to get stressed out and try to rush and end up breaking your favourite vase or precious memorabilia. My biggest tip here is for mums out there is to accept help and hire a packer! By hiring a professional who does this every day, knows what to do and how to do it quickly… it’s a real lifesaver. This means you can leave the precious breakables to them and focus on what is important – family (and getting all the other hundreds things ready for the move, ha!) And labelling…I’m forever a labelling queen.

Step 3: Moving day + after

Once the truck is loaded by the pro’s and you’ve got the essentials in the car – by essentials I don’t just mean the kids, hubby and the dog… don’t forget to keep a few days of clothes and toiletries/snacks with you juuuuuust in case. Once you arrive at your new happily-ever-after make sure to unload the big ticket items first, there’s nothing worse than tripping over boxes trying to get the couch through the door. Let your kids “help” by opening up a few non-breakable boxes and helping them to start sorting their own belongings into their new home.

At the end of the day moving can be very stressful, but also really exciting – just take the stress out of it by using the professionals…think of all the grey hairs you’ll avoid! 😉

This post was written in collaboration with professional home pack and unpack company – Hire A Packer & Influencer Agency – #AsSeenOn.

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