How we updated Rosie’s bedroom on a budget and tips you can use too!

We all know how expensive anything home décor can be and don’t get me wrong I do love myself a beautiful cushion but I cannot deal with the hefty pricetag usually associated with it! Rosie is now 3 and a half and was still in her ikea cot turned toddler bed and it really was time for an upgrade but as 2020 is the year of covid many families, like us are struggling with finances and are trying to keep within a budget.

I decided I’d create this blog with some tips and tricks on updating your kids room on a budget and what we did to create this pretty space for her. I must add Rosie did request one thing – it needed to be Paris themed. Even better I thought, I LOVE a challenge.

First thing we needed to upgrade was the bed. Bye bye cot – it’s been fun but its onto a big girl bed for miss Rosie!

Bed’s can be really expensive and a new bed is certainly a luxury however there are ways you can save. It’s no lie that I love to opshop and give second hand things another life so with this in mind I decided to jump on Facebook Marketplace. I didn’t find anything at first however after perservering I found a double bed frame going for FREE. Yup that’s right. FREE. Many people will give away their old things and just rememeber one mans trash is anothers treasure. I jumped (literally jumped) at the chance and off rob went to collect.

It was perfect and exactly what I was after as we already had a spare double mattress. Meaning no new mattress required!

She is only 3 so I did wonder if this might be too big but hey atleast she won’t grow out of it anytime soon!

Now I knew she wanted a Paris theme so every time i popped to my local salvos I ensure I looked for any goodies. I got this wonderful canvas print for only $10 – The fact it was pink too made me very excited as I knew it would fit in perfectly.

You may ask why she wanted a Paris theme and it’s all down to the Claris in Paris books by Megan Hess.

As it was her books that inspired the theme I decided to get a little creative. I google imaged a few Claris in Paris pictures and printed these at home. I bought 3 plain 5×7 frames for $1.75 each from Kmart and voila! A little Claris corner. You can do this with any theme too. Ballerinas, Trucks, Dinosaurs. You name it!

Here are a few furnishings that I bought to finish off the room – All from Kmart. Little finishing touches to make it homely, yet pretty and efficient.

Now time for the biggest expense (I do feel like it was worth it though!) the duvet cover!

We bought this duvet cover from Myer and it was a little pricey – $109 however as we saved on the bed I felt like I could justify it a little.

The print is stunning and matched perfectly with her Parisian theme. Although we spent a little more on the duvet there was certainly some gorgeous options at a more affordable price just non that fit the theme to a T. It was Rob who managed to spot it, What a legend!

I would love to add some floating shelves however as we live in a rental we cannot screw into the wall. Anything we do have hung we have used the command sticky strips and hooks which work really well however not sure they would hold a shelf!

My biggest tips are as follows:

–   Check local facebook groups, Marketplace and opshops for bargains!

–   If there is a theme, Print pictures and frame them to add to the theme of the room

–   Check out budget friendly homewares such as Kmart, Best and Less, Target and Big W.

And there you have it Rosie’s Parisian dream room. Do you love it?

Happy Reno’s

Danielle Lauren


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