My journey to a straight smile with Wondersmile

A straight smile is something I have dreamed of for a while now so when Wondersmile reached out to me to try their invisible aligners I knew I had to grab it.

My bottom teeth have never been straight and I found that after my pregnancies with the girls they moved even more. I definitely felt self conscious of my teeth and knew that this would benefit me greatly so I set up an initial appointment and went to my local Wondersmile clinic in Sydney CBD. The process was really easy and smooth. They did a full scan of my upper and lower teeth and within 2 weeks my new sets of aligners were sent out to me and I was ready to start my journey! EEK!

I required 4 sets on my upper teeth and 14 sets on my lower. You wear each set for 2 weeks and roughly 22 hours a day. Only taking them out whilst you eat or drink. I found this daunting but knew it was what I wanted and that I needed to try it.

The first set definitely took a little while to get used too, after all it is a whole new experience for your mouth so some tenderness is to be expected. I did have a few ulcers for the first 2 sets, but I persevered and I’m so glad I did. After the initial few weeks it became the new normal and with each set I would get a little tightness for the first few days but after that I hardly noticed I had them in.

I guess I noticed a big difference at the half way mark, it made me very excited and eager to continue my journey to straight smile. I have now finished all 14 of my sets and as you can see the results are fabulous! I can now smile with confidence knowing I have a lovely straight smile.

If you too are looking at aligners I can highly recommend Wondersmile, Their friendly team have been so helpful and the results speak for themselves. You can use code dws150 for $150 off your wondersmile package. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and would love to see your progress so please do send me them!

More information on Wondersmile can be found their website or socials below:

Wondersmile website

Wondersmile Instagram

Happy Smiling! xoxo Danielle Lauren

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