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Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

When you find out you’re expecting baby number 2 emotions can range from ‘oh yayy another little bundle of joy to love’ to ‘omg another baby, how will i cope with 2!’ pretty quickly. After the initial excitement of finding out you’re pregnant again the feelings of anxiety can move in and you may start to remember the sleepless nights, the constant feeding and the crazy amount of nappies you go through each day. But this time you have a toddler to contend with too.

First time around you really are in this pregnancy baby bubble. You don’t really know whats ahead of you (as much as people want to tell you) but you’re excited for the road ahead. Second time around, you’re a seasoned pro. You’ve dealt with the birth, feeding, teething, crawling and all the stages in between. You love your little toddler, they are your world and you love seeing them learn and marvel at the simplest of things. You have that confidence as you know you’ve done it once before but this time you have to deal another and adjust to life as a parent of 2!

One thing that you can’t quite imagine is how you could possibly love another as much as you love your firstborn? You worry how your toddler will take to the new baby and whether or not they fully understand the word ‘gentle’ How you are going to juggle all of lifes needs with another in tow. You may feel like you just got into a good routine and now it’s all about to change. I felt all of this and more.

Now that Gracie has hit 5 months old i honestly can’t imagine life without her. The newborn days have come and gone in the blink of an eye. All those worries i felt initially and throughout the pregnancy all melted away as soon as i saw both my girls together. The love you feel really does just double and theres nothing quite like seeing siblings connect. Rosie has really took on the big sister role and is besotted with Gracie. There’s obviously times that are harder than others, especially when both of them want my attention but mostly when i look at them i just feel so much love and wonder why i ever worried about how Rosie would handle it.

I do however think we prepared her pretty well so here are some tips that really helped us adapt to life with a newborn and a toddler:

  • Talk to your toddler about the baby BEFORE they arrive. Make them feel included in the journey, get them to feel your growing bump and explain to them that they are going to be getting a sibling.
  • Get some books that talk about a new baby in the family and big brother/sister books so they can start to understand a little more about what that means.
  • Give you toddler a baby doll to play with if they don’t already have one. Start using terms such ‘softly, gently’ etc so this way they’ll be familiar when baby does arrive.
  • Get your toddler a present from the baby. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Just something to ease the transition. We bought Rosie this beautiful soft fairy doll and she opened it in the hospital.
  • Let them help! Give them jobs such as getting the nappy or baby wipes, getting a rattle, choosing an outfit for baby. Rosie is obsessed with helping during change time and bath time.
  • Make sure you dedicate some one on one time with just your toddler. They’ll love having that time with just you and your full attention. I take Rosie for a weekly park play and we get ice cream together.

These tips really worked for our family and have made our transition to two very smooth. We’ve dealt with minimal jealousy from Rosie and she loves sharing her toys with Gracie (for now anyway!)

Here are some of my cherished photos of that sisterly love between Rosie and Gracie.

I’d love to hear any tips you may have that I’ve not included above that have worked for you so please let me know.

There’s always going to be worries that we as parents face when expecting another bub but just know that our toddlers are so adaptable and in short you’re giving them the most magical gift. The gift of a sibling and a best friend for life.

Now that really is special.

Danielle Lauren


Here we go again…ROUND TWO

Here we go again…ROUND TWO

So if you have been following our journey on Instagram then you will know that we are expecting our second baby at the end of this year.

Rosie will be very nearly 2 and to say i’ll have my hands full is an understatement. Lots of parents do it, some a closer age gap and others choose a bigger age gap. I really don’t think there is the perfect time so we decided earlier this year to embark on the next adventure and officially start “trying” (Basically means just have more sex right?)

It took us a good few months with Rosie and we had (naively) assumed that it would be the same this time. WRONG. Yup, it happened the first month. I honestly still cant believe it happened that quickly. My heart goes out to all you ladies travelling along the trying to conceive journey. It can be a long road for many so I’m very thankful that it was able to happen so quickly for us despite my history.

 After the initial excitement of seeing that positive test I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. Obviously I was incredibly happy, after all it was what we wanted BUT some thoughts were flying around my head that were totally different the second time.

Like…..will I ever sleep again? We finallllllly have Rosie in such a good routine and now I’m about to add a newborn to the mix…Oh great sure, what a good idea that is.

And what about all the stuff we have to buy? Ahhhh hang on – we have bags loads of Rosie’s clothes that baby can wear and if its a boy then he can totally wear pink too right?

First time round we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves in for. Well we kind of did but you don’t REALLY know until you become a parent yourself am i right? Its a wild ride with many ups and downs and just as you think you have got it nailed they change, their needs change and you are back to square one. I certainly feel a lot more prepared but I also have the dread too. Is that normal? The birth, the crazy post natal emotions, sleepless nights and trying to work out just what those cries mean. It is pretty overwhelming but what I do know is that despite all of that – we have totally got this. Sometimes you have just got to enjoy the ride and take each day as it comes so that is what we plan to do.

All you second,third, fourth (and so on) time mamas, I would love to hear your advice and recommendations on the transition into growing your family. How did your first born handle it? What were the challenges? And of course the benefits too! Please drop me a comment here or DM on Instagram. I would LOVE all of your expertise.

So yes, here we go again. Ready or not

Peace out ladies

Danielle Lauren


Getting a good night’s sleep and what’s really lurking in your mattress?

Getting a good night’s sleep and what’s really lurking in your mattress?

Sleep. Oh how I love sleep. Actually I have always loved my sleep, I have been gifted with being able to sleep anywhere, at anytime. Pro-Napper if you will.

I’m a girl that needs a solid 8 hours minimum. That is just what I need to function. I also love early bed times and early mornings. I always find I’m at my most productive in the mornings so I like to make the most of that time. (I’m totally THAT annoying cheery morning person) However when you add babies and children into the mix (or your snoring partner for that matter) Then broken sleep is pretty much a given.

Now whatever your choice of sleeping arrangements are all we really want is to get a nice restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. If I’m honest I can’t remember the last time I woke up ‘refreshed’. I only ever feel awake and ready for the day once I have had 2 cups of coffee now. (Please say that’s not just me?) We spend 1 third of our life sleeping. New parents lose between 450-700 hours of sleep in the first year of their child’s life – all parents understand the frustration and loss of sleep that bed wetting can cause for both themselves and their child.

So when I was recently invited to a Protect-a-bed Slumber session in Sydney. I was SO excited to be able to attend and I wanted to share all the tips, great products and also a few gross facts with you all.

Firstly did you know humans sweat up to 1L of body fluid per night and lose millions of skin flakes each night. After 5 years, half the weight of a mattress can be made up of our own body fluids, skin cells, mould and bacteria that seep into our bedding. This is seriously gross right? I just thought I dribbled a lot on my pillow! Eww!

And let’s talk about Dust mites, They lurk in an unprotected mattress and are a major cause of asthma and allergies. As much as 30% of the population are actually allergic to dust mite. (Despite their tiny size, dust mites produce 10-20 waste particles per day!) WAIT – they poop on my mattress. Seriously GRIM.

So let me tell you a little about Protect-A-Bed. They are committed to healthy sleep solutions and believe that ordinary, everyday products can be extraordinary. A quality assured Protect-A-Bed mattress protector is like an insurance policy for your mattress. Number 1 in the world for a reason, Protect-A-Bed® protects your mattress, a long-term investment, from everyday accidents, spills and stains, perspiration and skin flakes that contribute to the growth of dust mite mould and bacteria allergens. Their Products are designed and suited for the whole family.

So I decided to try out their mattress protector and was eager to see how this product shaped up. I used the Traditional cotton quilted mattress protector which states best for everyday comfort, with all the benefits of cotton, plus the added benefit of extra support and padding. What I loved about this was how soft and comfortable it was. A lot better than my previous mattress protector. It’s also machine wash and tumble dry safe. Which makes for a very happy mama! Also – Its waterproof! If you’ve ever suffered from any form of urinary incontinence, you’re not alone. Estimates are that 4.6 million Australians suffer from some form of urinary incontinence, so it is not an uncommon concern. Night time accidents are an unspoken issue and cause of stress – but it doesn’t have to be. Pop a protect-a-bed mattress protector on and you know it’s not going to stain your mattress.

A stand out for me within the protect-a-bed range was that they are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and Red Nose (Sids and Kids). After trialling this product I would certainly recommend this to friends, family and all parents out there.

We could all improve the quality of our sleep. Sometimes all it takes is a few small changes.

Changes that have seriously helped me and my family are:

  • Reducing screen time – It is so easy to reach for your phone or put the TV on before bed. But swap the ipad for a book and see what it does for your sleeping habits.

  • Ensure a clean and clutter free bedroom space – Perfect time for spring cleaning. A tidy room is a tidy mind. The more peaceful your room. The calmer and more restful nights sleep you could have.

More information on their range of products can be found on the Protect-A-Bed website:


And where to buy their products?


For being such fabulous readers you can also enter code: SYDNEYMUMS for free shipping!

Also at selected mattress retailers, if you purchase a Protect-A

Bed® mattress protector, together with a new mattress, and both items are shown on the same sales receipt, Protect-A-Bed guarantee the mattress sleep surface against staining.

See details at:


Have a good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Danielle Lauren


Our first time travelling with a baby and all the tips we learnt along the way

Our first time travelling with a baby and all the tips we learnt along the way

After we booked our recent trip to the UK I instantly started to dread the super long haul flight. 26 hours travelling in a confined space is a long time for an adult let alone a child. Pre-baby days it was just a case of watching unlimited movies while sipping on free booze with the occasional nap. However it wasn’t like that anymore was it? Now we have an 9 month old to travel with us! My mind raced with a million different things I needed to prepare for and my anxiety level increased at how she would behave. Would her little ears hurt? Will she scream the whole time? Will she sleep? We were about to find out.

We went with a night flight so that (Fingers crossed) she would be able to sleep more or less straight away – My mind hurt too much thinking about time differences etc. and the night flight just so happened to be the cheapest so it was a done deal. We only booked this 6 weeks in advance, so it was pretty last minute. A friend told me to book bassinet seats but I was worried we wouldn’t manage to get them since it was so last minute! I rang the airline who confirmed and booked this in on each of our flights. (Phew…Pretty painless)

Then came the packing – I knew she would be totally spoilt by family and friends so didn’t actually take too much. But what about formula? Food? Could I even take those things on the plane with the whole under 100ml only regulation? WHO KNEW? After lengthy research and many FAQ pages later I found that baby formula/food is exempt from this regulation. They just may do extra screening and/or testing which is fine by me. I was super excited to use Rosie’s little matching backpack and mini suitcase. (Kmart special ladies!)

We also had so much to sort out at the other end – Car seat? Pram? Cot? I really did not want to take all of these on the plane. All the car hire company’s quoted a crazy amount extra a day just for adding a car seat so we decided to just buy one at our destination country which saved a lot of money. Our family just picked it up for us and brought it to the airport. If you don’t have family in your destination country then think about hiring the car seat for a day or two, which will give you a chance to pick a seat up. This can save A LOT of money.

Now when the day came to fly and we checked into the airport I honestly felt like a VIP. I did not look like one in my baggy, comfy pants, mum bun and big cardigan but because we had this super cute baby everything and everyone were super helpful, accommodating and just generally really nice. Which was great and everything but I felt like they knew. They knew what hell we were in for or so I thought.

Security put our baby bottles through separate screening and we were given the short queue since we had a little one in tow. Robert enjoyed a beer whilst I went shopping. (duty free come at me!) Boarding time came and again VIP treatment. We boarded ahead of first class and made way to our seats, the airline staff could not of been more professional and loved making a fuss of Rosie. We sat down, took a deep breath and started our trip.

Plane Selfie!

The number one tip I received from my experienced travel mum friends was that you should give your baby a bottle whilst taking off and landing so that their ears can equalise to the pressure. This really worked. As for the bassinet, it was pretty small and we found that every time she would get settled we would go through turbulence and the seat belt sign would be turned on which meant she had to be taken out. (Just our luck) We ended up baby wearing, using the ERGO 360 carrier. She fussed a bit at first but soon settled and we had an extension seat belt so that she was secure.

What we did notice was that she was very thirsty. She drank way more than she usually does so we were glad we packed extra bottles. Understandable really with all that dry air. Nappy changes were not as bad as I was expecting. On all flights pre-baby I have never noticed baby change on a plane – or anywhere for that matter but was pleasantly surprised with the size of the change table. Yes, it was a squeeze in those tiny toilets but us mums learn to change anywhere!

Before we knew it our trip was over and we had managed it with minimal fuss.We had landed and everyone clapped (Is that a thing now?) We had strangers commenting on how well behaved she was. (Proud mama moment) I personally think they were just glad she didn’t scream the whole trip. (Me too people, Me too)

So after 4 flights and countless time zones later my top tips are:

Bring Entertainment – Toys, Teddy bear anything that is going to keep your little one entertained

Book bassinet seats in advance – By having these seats it meant we had extra room so Rosie could sit and play in front of us and also had the option of her sleeping in the bassinet when needed. Just be sure to check weight/length requirements with your airline.

Be prepared – Delays, turbulence, Anything can happen so ensure you pack extra so you aren’t left in any awkward situations.

Take more food and milk than normal – I know all that dry air makes me Thirsty (Wine anyone?) so our little ones are bound to get super thirsty too.

Take changes of clothes for both you and your baby – I can’t stress this enough. No one wants to be covered in food or poop 30 minutes after take off. Take a few spares so when you land you don’t feel like a total grub.

Try to travel light – I know, I know I have told you to pack extra of everything BUT only of the essentials. Try and make sure you don’t fill your cases to your weight limit so that you can buy things in your destination country!

And finally – Just GO WITH THE FLOW. If you are stressed and anxious. You will find your baby will be too. And remember part of the fun is getting there.

Happy Holidays

Danielle Lauren


Spooky ideas for you and your family to try this Halloween!

Spooky ideas for you and your family to try this Halloween!

Ok ok! I just love Halloween! The fun foods, crafty games and exciting costumes. It really is a spooktastic time of year for big kids and small!

This year i feel like i  have reallllly got into the spirit of things. It is Rosie’s first Halloween so why not go all out!

Here are some super spooky ideas for you and your family to try this Halloween.

We made these creepy Chocolate and Orange ice cream shakes finished off with squirty cream and Oreos! We used pipe cleaners and googly eyes to decorate the glasses and bought some fun Halloween straws from our local supermarket. They tasted seriously yum (i may or may not of drank both)


When i think of Halloween i think about PUMPKINS! We made a table of horrors finished off with our poorly pumpkins! They were super easy to carve (hats off to you super carvers) and we used all the seeds inside the pumpkins to make it look like they were being sick. Simple but effective and the kids are guaranteed to love it! Little miss Rosie sure did!

Sweets, Candy, treats and chocolate! Halloween is a time we can treat ourselves (along with Easter, Christmas, Birthdays and well…. a rough Monday) and as much as we love a healthy treat we went all out and made this SNAKES AND LADDERS sweet station!  Kids big and small will love creating something fun with sweets! We all know kids have amazingly creative imaginations and what a fun way to get into the spooky spirit!

Another easy peasy idea if you are having a Halloween party is to give out SWEET CONES. These are just piping bags filled with goodies and tied at the top with ribbon or pipe cleaners. An alternative to the usual party bags.And a craft idea for your party is to paint paper plates! This guy is too cool with his crepe paper hair do!

Did you know that YOU can win a CARNIVAL CRUISE! Carnival Cruise Line are the experts in fun! So many exciting activities on board including a Spooktastic halloween party. Each year Carnival hold huge festivities on the ship! So much fun for the whole family.
To enter go to Http://bit.ly/EscapeWithCarnival

I hope you all have a scaretastic halloween this spooky season and i hope i have inspired you to get into the spirit of things. (See what i did there….Spirit?) Hehehe

Happy Halloween

Danielle Lauren



A few things no one told me about breastfeeding…

A few things no one told me about breastfeeding…

Yes yes, I went to all the classes. Which were great and everything but when it came to the negatives I kind of felt like they just glided over the top of them. As soon as I fell pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed but I had no real idea what I was letting myself in for. I had heard how amazing it was for baby and for mum too. I had heard the bond you get with your little one is a feeling of pure joy. And that was true but what I hadn’t heard was that…….

 You must wear a bra CONSTANTLY. Like seriously, never take it off.

You will leak into every top you own and suddenly those wet patches become the norm.

 If the latch isn’t correct your nipples can BLEED and BLISTER.

 You literally STINK. It’s this sticky mixture of boob sweat and milk. I like to call it Parfum de mum.

 You forget the bra pads that soak up your leaking milk are there and then you go to feed your hungry baby whilst enjoying lunch out and BAM milk soaked pad on your plate in public. Ok Maybeeee…just me? 

And if you don’t have a breast pad in – well yeah good luck with that.

 You can get breast and nipple thrush. THRUSH!?! Seriously…. I had no idea this could happen.

 You are hungry most of the time. Actually ALL the time.

 You come out of the shower and it’s a massive race against time to get your bra back on without leaking milk on every. surface. possible.

 Those things called Breast pumps make you feel like an actual cow. Can they make a silent one already? I swear that noise will haunt me forever.

 You can never be too far away from baby or your boobs will physically ache as if they are about to explode. Then when it comes to feeding your baby you will spray their teeeeeny tiny face with your bursting boobs. Poor babies don’t know what hit them!

 Your baby may not agree with certain things you eat. Like dairy, chocolate, coffee which means cutting them out…. All the good stuff basically.

That thing called sex also requires a bra at all times, Yep no nipple play here. Unless your partner wants a side of milkshake.

After you have stopped breastfeeding your once super pert breasts/bossoms/boobs (Whatever your preference in name) will no longer sit where they used to. Think south. Veryyy south.

 They don’t tell you that it’s ok if you don’t enjoy it, many mums don’t and it certainly doesn’t make you any less of a mother.

 I breastfed for 4 months. I loved and hated it all at the same time. It was a battle of recurring thrush, Sore nipples and constant cluster feeding. It got to the point where I was really dreading feeding time. I set 6 months as a goal and I did not want to let myself down by not reaching that point. I put a lot of pressure on myself and It was making me an unhappy mum. I knew something needed to change. I gave Rosie her first formula bottle and felt like a weight had been lifted. Truth is, i wasn’t letting anyone down.

Giving her a bottle did not make me miss the connection. I loved the connection breastfeeding gave me but bottle feeding also gave me that. It was beautiful to see her daddy feeding her too which took some pressure off me.

 Breastfeeding is wonderful but it’s not for everyone and that’s ok. So mama’s don’t judge other mums that feed in a different way to you. You have no idea what they have been through.

 Motherhood is a journey that we are all trying to navigate as best we can so let’s support each other and know we are raising happy tiny humans. After all, a happy mum means a happy bub.

 Danielle Lauren


Milestones and magical moments

Milestones and magical moments

When you find out you are pregnant for the first time, You don’t quite realise the journey you have embarked on. From that very moment your life has changed. All of a sudden there are so many wonderful milestones to celebrate. Like getting to that 12 week mark, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling those wiggles. The list goes on. But it doesn’t stop there.

Pregnancy is just the first step in these milestones. Once you have given birth to your little bundle that’s when the real fun starts. Now, I had a general idea of what to expect with my babies milestones. But what I didn’t expect was how they would make me feel.

The moment Rosie beamed her first smile up at me, The excitement, the emotions, the pure tears of joy. It made me melt. All of a sudden she was gurgling, rolling over and trying solids. Just so many firsts i couldn’t keep up. Pre-parenthood you don’t quite realise just how big these milestones are. People tell you, yes, but once you enter into that world yourself you soon find out just how magical these moments are and suddenly you are the proudest parents in the world.

Now I really wanted to document all these milestones, As a memory and something to look back on. I had this wonderful baby book which documented everything throughout my pregnancy. Appointments, names, things we had bought. It was really great and I took it everywhere. Always finding a little bit of time either on my commute to work or of an evening.

When Rosie was born I knew I wanted to do the same and document all her special moments. I found the cutest little Peter Rabbit record book and keepsake box that was perfect to hold all these memories. When it came to actually filling it in though (Seriously who has time to fill these in?) it felt like a chore. Those newborn days are a haze of constant feeding and trying to cat nap here and there that I had no interest in sitting down and filling this out. Until now.


I finally sat down with my coffee in hand and took the opportunity to start completing her book. Now at nearly 7 months old, there was a lot to complete. Sitting back and reflecting on the past few months was actually a really beautiful process. I found myself getting pretty teary as I went into detail about the moment we met and just how happy she has made us from then on.

These moments we share, the memories we create are up to us with what we do with them. With so many firsts yet to come it makes me look forward to the next chapters of our lives.

So enjoy the moment Mama’s, For it will soon be a memory.

Danielle Lauren xoxo

A play corner fit for a princess (also know as “The Kmart corner”)

A play corner fit for a princess (also know as “The Kmart corner”)

We had a busy weekend sorting out a little corner for little miss. Rosie is very excited about her new play area (Not as excited as me though!) Pretty much everything in it is from Kmart. Oh how i love that place. You just can’t quite walk away from their bargains! Affordable and oh so pretty! Win Win. I love their eyelash range (or are they cows udders?) The eyelash play mat is my favourite, When it gets dirty…which will be a lot i’m sure, i can just throw it in the wash. Easy Peasy.

Their cushions for children’s rooms are so fun and colourful. With different patterns and shapes (Who doesnt want a strawberry shaped smiley face cushion in their life!)

I like to keep my house fresh and tidy but also lived in. It’s not one of these “show homes” but that’s the way we like it. I love making my house homely and updating it but life on maternity leave means you need to do it on a budget (Can we seriously win the lotto already!?!) That’s why i love places like Kmart and Ikea. I call it “Affordable luxury”

 I also love stalking Instagram for ideas. There are so many great hacks and upcycles that you can do with outdated or old furniture. It’s also a really cost effective way of updating your home.

Hopefully Rosie gets lots of joy out of her play area. It will probably change too but for now. I love it.

Let me see your play rooms/corners! What are your must have items? Any storage ideas for hiding toys? Also any tips for baby proofing those storage box corners?

Post your ideas in the comments!

Happy Playing 🙂

Danielle Lauren xoxo



Date Nights

Date Nights

So this weekend we did Date night. Date night? Whats that I hear you ask. I know right. How many of us parents have regular date nights? Not us that’s for sure. Before baby we would always have a date night every week. We didn’t have to go out necessarily but every week we would dedicate one day and have quality time together. Looking back we had some GREAT date nights. Everything from Ice Skating to Wine and cheese nights to Netflix binges and a takeaway. It was always something we could look forward to.

When baby comes along though, you priority’s change. And that’s OK. They are meant to change but sometimes it is nice to make time for just the two of you so you can appreciate each other and keep that spark alive. I must admit though I felt like it was just going to be too much effort. I mean just the organising of it all……

Who will look after Rosie?

Where will we go?

Will I just worry the whole time?


There’s just Robert and I here in Aussie, So babysitting options are limited. When a lovely friend of mine offered, We snapped the opportunity straight up! We NEEDED a little mummy and daddy time (You feel me mama’s). As parents you are always expected to be “ON” There’s no “Oh I don’t feel great, I cant Mum today” It can take its toll on you and your relationship. Sometimes it feels as if you have just become roommates and are just going through the motions so I do believe its important to set some time a side for just the two of you.

When the day actually came I had so much prep to do!

Shave legs (and whole body) – CHECK

Get outfit ready and ironed so I don’t have major wardrobe disaster – CHECK

Bottles and long list of all possible scenarios for friend the babysitter – CHECK

Mobile phone fully charged (As I will check it multiple times a minute) – CHECK

I felt ready. Well as ready as I could be.

We journeyed into the city. My feet hurt by the time I got to the train station wearing my heels (Sooo not a pro heel wearer) but I felt pretty so I worked those sore feet! I kept checking my phone but Rob assured me she would be fine and was in great hands. I felt as if I was missing something. No pram or giant nappy bag. No bottles and spare outfit changes. Just me, my lippy and my suited and booted guy on my arm.

We arrived in the city and the evening involved beautiful food, delicious wine and a few cheeky cocktails. We talked (mostly about Rosie) and we laughed and it felt so good. We held hands and kissed over the table. The night was magical. It soon came to an end and we were home by 11pm. Rosie was fast asleep and we were told she had been very good with minimal disruption. Seeing her settled in her cot with her little angelic face was the perfect end to the perfect night.

In those few little hours together, it made us both feel so connected, refreshed and oh so appreciative of one another. It may have been an effort to organise but it really was worth it. It made me realise that it’s OK to still want that alone time. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent. In fact, having time to yourselves every now and then probably makes you a better parent as you are also looking after your needs. I woke on the Saturday and couldn’t wait for morning cuddles with my gorgeous little family.

So ladies, I encourage you and your partners to make that time. You just never know how much good it will do you!

Happy Date nights!

Danielle Lauren xoxo

Welcome to the Hood – Blog 1

Welcome to the Hood – Blog 1


Welcome to the hood – Blog 1

Firstly, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings. I decided to start this blog to document all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) times of parenting and being a first time mum.

Where do I start?

Rosie is nearly 6 months old. 6 MONTHS! How can that be! I honestly do not know where the time goes? It feels like just yesterday I saw those double lines on my first pregnancy test and now BAM She’s 6 months old. The saying “Blink and you’ll miss it” is oh so true. Although you do not realise it at the time. From a young age I had always wanted to become a Mum but little did I know just how magical (and exhausting!) it would be.

Our journey started long before we started actually “trying”. Not long after Robert and I met, I found out that I had a large fibroid causing me bother and I underwent 2 lots of surgery to have it removed. My surgeon and doctors “recommended” we start trying for a baby mid-twenties to give me the best chance of conceiving as they advised the fibroids could come back (URGH! Realllly?). I was 24 and Robert and I had only being dating a few months, it was a lot to take in! I knew my body needed to heal from the surgery and we just weren’t at the right point in our lives to even think about becoming parents.

Fast forward a few small years and we had made the move over to Sydney, both had good jobs, a comfortable apartment and a supportive set of friends. Deciding to add a baby whilst all our family are in the UK was a big decision for us. Would we have the support? Could we handle it? We didn’t have the answers but knew that we would make it work as we had each other. (Naww….Cute)

We were lucky enough that after a few short months we had conceived (YAY). The weeks just flew by, I had every app going and just loved reading what type of fruit my baby was the size of that week. Every little symptom I tried to embrace (Hello cankles!) and I actually LOVED being pregnant. Well except for the huge feet mentioned above and being heavily pregnant in an australian summer (Didn’t time that quite right did I!). Before I knew it, pregnancy was nearly over and I was giving birth to our baby. We had no idea on the sex and it really didn’t matter. The moment I heard her first little cry and she was handed to us was the best moment of my life and everything in that moment was utterly perfect.

The journey into Motherhood is one that is very individual. We all have our challenges. We all have our stories. And it’s those stories that makes us who we are as women and mothers.

By sharing our stories and connecting with one another, means we are inspiring, supporting and lifting each other up. After all we are all in this together.

Welcome to this wonderful hood called motherhood.