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How we updated Rosie’s bedroom on a budget and tips you can use too!

How we updated Rosie’s bedroom on a budget and tips you can use too!

We all know how expensive anything home décor can be and don’t get me wrong I do love myself a beautiful cushion but I cannot deal with the hefty pricetag usually associated with it! Rosie is now 3 and a half and was still in her ikea cot turned toddler bed and it really was time for an upgrade but as 2020 is the year of covid many families, like us are struggling with finances and are trying to keep within a budget.

I decided I’d create this blog with some tips and tricks on updating your kids room on a budget and what we did to create this pretty space for her. I must add Rosie did request one thing – it needed to be Paris themed. Even better I thought, I LOVE a challenge.

First thing we needed to upgrade was the bed. Bye bye cot – it’s been fun but its onto a big girl bed for miss Rosie!

Bed’s can be really expensive and a new bed is certainly a luxury however there are ways you can save. It’s no lie that I love to opshop and give second hand things another life so with this in mind I decided to jump on Facebook Marketplace. I didn’t find anything at first however after perservering I found a double bed frame going for FREE. Yup that’s right. FREE. Many people will give away their old things and just rememeber one mans trash is anothers treasure. I jumped (literally jumped) at the chance and off rob went to collect.

It was perfect and exactly what I was after as we already had a spare double mattress. Meaning no new mattress required!

She is only 3 so I did wonder if this might be too big but hey atleast she won’t grow out of it anytime soon!

Now I knew she wanted a Paris theme so every time i popped to my local salvos I ensure I looked for any goodies. I got this wonderful canvas print for only $10 – The fact it was pink too made me very excited as I knew it would fit in perfectly.

You may ask why she wanted a Paris theme and it’s all down to the Claris in Paris books by Megan Hess.

As it was her books that inspired the theme I decided to get a little creative. I google imaged a few Claris in Paris pictures and printed these at home. I bought 3 plain 5×7 frames for $1.75 each from Kmart and voila! A little Claris corner. You can do this with any theme too. Ballerinas, Trucks, Dinosaurs. You name it!

Here are a few furnishings that I bought to finish off the room – All from Kmart. Little finishing touches to make it homely, yet pretty and efficient.

Now time for the biggest expense (I do feel like it was worth it though!) the duvet cover!

We bought this duvet cover from Myer and it was a little pricey – $109 however as we saved on the bed I felt like I could justify it a little.

The print is stunning and matched perfectly with her Parisian theme. Although we spent a little more on the duvet there was certainly some gorgeous options at a more affordable price just non that fit the theme to a T. It was Rob who managed to spot it, What a legend!

I would love to add some floating shelves however as we live in a rental we cannot screw into the wall. Anything we do have hung we have used the command sticky strips and hooks which work really well however not sure they would hold a shelf!

My biggest tips are as follows:

–   Check local facebook groups, Marketplace and opshops for bargains!

–   If there is a theme, Print pictures and frame them to add to the theme of the room

–   Check out budget friendly homewares such as Kmart, Best and Less, Target and Big W.

And there you have it Rosie’s Parisian dream room. Do you love it?

Happy Reno’s

Danielle Lauren


Ways to support small business and entertain the kids at the same time!

Ways to support small business and entertain the kids at the same time!

It’s a challenging time for so many all around the world right now. Especially for us parents trying to keep our little ones entertained whilst we home school or adapt to working from home. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to support some of our small businesses to help them through this difficult time? Whilst picking something that can be useful right now and the kids can get hours of fun from?

Heres a few ideas from one business that we are huge fans of.

Upper Notch Club offer unique lifestyle products and my absolute favourite has got to be these adorable tablecloth cubby houses!

With the range of tablecloth playhouses by Petite Maison Play you can instantly transform your dining, kitchen or an outdoor table into a land of make-believe fun for kids. Simply drape the Play Tent over your table and create your very own Fire Station, Space Station, Little Shop or a Sweet Home hideaway! Playhouses that don’t require extra space and  encourage hours of play! How much fun would your little ones have with these?

I’m loving all the creativity im seeing from mums and dads with activitys that they’re doing with their little ones. One thing we have been including is spending some time exercising everyday. Ballet classes, yoga classes anything youtube has to offer!

Rosie has been loving it! How cool would this Yoga mat be whilst doing so?
Or go all matchy matchy with your lil one in this cute activewear. Check out the gorgeous other styles on offer at @uppernotchclub

Getting some fresh air is so important right now too. Whether you have a garden or a balcony why not use one of these gorgeous printed playmats?

They are both pretty and practical, these play mats for kids will make sensory play and getting out a bit easier and less messy. Its waterproof too!

They also have a few remaining gorgeous colour changing raincoats! So be quick!

Just a few ideas to help you support small and get through isolation with happy and entertained kids!

Be sure to check out Upper Notch Club
Website and their socials for their full range of products. You’ll not be disappointed.



Stay safe, Stay home and Stay positive!

Danielle Lauren

Easing the snack time dilemma with Chobani Gimmies

Easing the snack time dilemma with Chobani Gimmies

Snacking snacking snacking. If my mischievous toddler had it her way then she would happily eat cookies all day everyday. Now i don’t mind the odd treat of course but I’d prefer her to have at least some nutritional value to her snacks. She is a pretty good eater to be honest which is great but snack time is always a battle. Why won’t she eat these delicious looking carrot sticks i spent ages chopping up? Or the fruit salad i made? Having something we both agree on would be ideal and ease the snack time dilemma!

This is where Chobani come in. Chobani are Australia’s number one yogurt brand, and they are launching Chobani Gimmies. They’re a new range of Greek Yogurt snacks bringing the fun back to yogurt. They are high in protein, with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Whats not to love! Chobani Gimmies also combines authentic strained Greek yogurt with fun mixins – delivering Australian kids seriously good yogurt, with a silly amount of fun.

Here are some interesting facts from research commissioned by Chobani Gimmies:

  • Nearly half of pre-school parents feel pressure from other mums regarding snack time choices
  • 74% of parents have had trouble with their kids because of food choices
  • 60% of pre-school parents have had a fight with their child over what snack they can have
  • 79% of parents would be willing to give up 1-5 hours of sleep if it meant making snack time easier

Have you felt these pressures? I certainly have. There has been many a time i have reached for the cookies in order to have peace and quiet for more than 0.3 seconds or to curb the public meltdown. I have felt the stares from other parents as i gave my toddler a kinder egg or a chocolate freddo. That’s why when i heard about Chobani Gimmies i was so intrigued to find out more.

Chobani Australia Managing Director, Peter Meek, said: “Chobani Gimmies was co-created with Australian parents and kids to create a range that gets the tick of approval from both.”

“We worked hard to craft a range that ticks all the boxes. We recognised that parents and children don’t always agree when it comes to meals and snacks, and we wanted to challenge the idea that “good food” can’t be “fun food”. Parents will love that they’re made with Chobani low-fat Greek yogurt and kids will love the crazy flavours and wacky characters.”

“We had a lot of fun with our new range. From developing flavours that connote Aussie party food, like fairy bread, to working with kids to co-create the range of loveable Gimmies characters and their personalities. We’re so excited for kids to meet their new go-to snacking friends for fun.”

So the lovely people at Chobani sent me some to try and I must say i’m impressed. Fun flavours and Rosie loves the cool packaging and exciting mixins. The convenient packaging separates the Greek yogurt from the dry mix-in ingredients, which allows snackers to flip in their mix-ins. Making it an easy, mess-free snack to have at home or on-the-go!

They come in some seriously delicious and fun flavours.

  • Poppin Fairy Floss
  • Chocolate Crackle Crunch
  • Non-Stop Watermelon pop
  • Choc Chunk Cookie Dunk
  • Airy Fairy Bread
  • Rainbow Sprinkle Cone

I obviously couldn’t let Rosie try these alone and i must say they are tasty. So it is no surprise that i like them too!

So Mums and Dads, If you’re struggling for snack time solutions then give these a try. They will soon become a must have for your household! Pick some up from your local Woolworths, Coles and independent stores now.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/chobaniau/

Happy Snacking



Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

When you find out you’re expecting baby number 2 emotions can range from ‘oh yayy another little bundle of joy to love’ to ‘omg another baby, how will i cope with 2!’ pretty quickly. After the initial excitement of finding out you’re pregnant again the feelings of anxiety can move in and you may start to remember the sleepless nights, the constant feeding and the crazy amount of nappies you go through each day. But this time you have a toddler to contend with too.

First time around you really are in this pregnancy baby bubble. You don’t really know whats ahead of you (as much as people want to tell you) but you’re excited for the road ahead. Second time around, you’re a seasoned pro. You’ve dealt with the birth, feeding, teething, crawling and all the stages in between. You love your little toddler, they are your world and you love seeing them learn and marvel at the simplest of things. You have that confidence as you know you’ve done it once before but this time you have to deal another and adjust to life as a parent of 2!

One thing that you can’t quite imagine is how you could possibly love another as much as you love your firstborn? You worry how your toddler will take to the new baby and whether or not they fully understand the word ‘gentle’ How you are going to juggle all of lifes needs with another in tow. You may feel like you just got into a good routine and now it’s all about to change. I felt all of this and more.

Now that Gracie has hit 5 months old i honestly can’t imagine life without her. The newborn days have come and gone in the blink of an eye. All those worries i felt initially and throughout the pregnancy all melted away as soon as i saw both my girls together. The love you feel really does just double and theres nothing quite like seeing siblings connect. Rosie has really took on the big sister role and is besotted with Gracie. There’s obviously times that are harder than others, especially when both of them want my attention but mostly when i look at them i just feel so much love and wonder why i ever worried about how Rosie would handle it.

I do however think we prepared her pretty well so here are some tips that really helped us adapt to life with a newborn and a toddler:

  • Talk to your toddler about the baby BEFORE they arrive. Make them feel included in the journey, get them to feel your growing bump and explain to them that they are going to be getting a sibling.
  • Get some books that talk about a new baby in the family and big brother/sister books so they can start to understand a little more about what that means.
  • Give you toddler a baby doll to play with if they don’t already have one. Start using terms such ‘softly, gently’ etc so this way they’ll be familiar when baby does arrive.
  • Get your toddler a present from the baby. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Just something to ease the transition. We bought Rosie this beautiful soft fairy doll and she opened it in the hospital.
  • Let them help! Give them jobs such as getting the nappy or baby wipes, getting a rattle, choosing an outfit for baby. Rosie is obsessed with helping during change time and bath time.
  • Make sure you dedicate some one on one time with just your toddler. They’ll love having that time with just you and your full attention. I take Rosie for a weekly park play and we get ice cream together.

These tips really worked for our family and have made our transition to two very smooth. We’ve dealt with minimal jealousy from Rosie and she loves sharing her toys with Gracie (for now anyway!)

Here are some of my cherished photos of that sisterly love between Rosie and Gracie.

I’d love to hear any tips you may have that I’ve not included above that have worked for you so please let me know.

There’s always going to be worries that we as parents face when expecting another bub but just know that our toddlers are so adaptable and in short you’re giving them the most magical gift. The gift of a sibling and a best friend for life.

Now that really is special.

Danielle Lauren


Making time for Mum

Making time for Mum

Before children come along we have a lot of time on our hands. I remember having so much time that I probably wasted a lot of it. I mean I could eat, sleep, exercise and socialise whenever I wanted and without guilt. Oh how times change. Now just to have a few hours with my girlfriends takes a whole lot of planning, prepping and stressing. But you know what, it is SO worth it.

Although it feels like its a lot of work, those few hours out for lunch or drinks or even just to myself to recharge are so important. I come back feeling refreshed, feeling energised and feeling like I can be a better mum all because I had a few hours to myself doing something I enjoy.

Taking the time to pamper ourselves, getting our hair cut, our nails done or even an indulgent massage. By taking that small space of time and putting ourselves first actually benefits our family and our little ones. The saying a happy mum = a happy family couldn’t be more fitting and is oh so true.

As busy mums its totally understandable that we forget about ourselves as we are too busy concentrating on our children, their needs and our partners needs. BUT. What about our needs?

We shouldn’t put our needs to the bottom of the pile. It’s all about balance and to be honest I’m still figuring that out. What I do know is that by making time for me I’m much more of a productive person. I’m more present with my family and feel a lot more in control.

There’s also the guilt… We may make that time for ourselves but then we feel guilty. Why is that? Mother Guilt is SO real and I haven’t met a mum who hasn’t experienced it. Its not just even about leaving our children its about everything. The food we give them, leaving them at daycare, whether they are stimulated enough, too much iPad time, too much TV, Its a daily battle.

All we want as parents is for our little ones to feel loved, safe and secure and most importantly be healthy. We put so much time and energy into our kids that it’s so easy to forget about our needs.

So mama’s take the time for you. Whatever you enjoy, arrange some time to do what you love. Recharge your mum batteries and see the benefits to your mindset.

And remember a happy mum really does equal and a happy family.

Danielle Lauren


Date Nights

Date Nights

So this weekend we did Date night. Date night? Whats that I hear you ask. I know right. How many of us parents have regular date nights? Not us that’s for sure. Before baby we would always have a date night every week. We didn’t have to go out necessarily but every week we would dedicate one day and have quality time together. Looking back we had some GREAT date nights. Everything from Ice Skating to Wine and cheese nights to Netflix binges and a takeaway. It was always something we could look forward to.

When baby comes along though, you priority’s change. And that’s OK. They are meant to change but sometimes it is nice to make time for just the two of you so you can appreciate each other and keep that spark alive. I must admit though I felt like it was just going to be too much effort. I mean just the organising of it all……

Who will look after Rosie?

Where will we go?

Will I just worry the whole time?


There’s just Robert and I here in Aussie, So babysitting options are limited. When a lovely friend of mine offered, We snapped the opportunity straight up! We NEEDED a little mummy and daddy time (You feel me mama’s). As parents you are always expected to be “ON” There’s no “Oh I don’t feel great, I cant Mum today” It can take its toll on you and your relationship. Sometimes it feels as if you have just become roommates and are just going through the motions so I do believe its important to set some time a side for just the two of you.

When the day actually came I had so much prep to do!

Shave legs (and whole body) – CHECK

Get outfit ready and ironed so I don’t have major wardrobe disaster – CHECK

Bottles and long list of all possible scenarios for friend the babysitter – CHECK

Mobile phone fully charged (As I will check it multiple times a minute) – CHECK

I felt ready. Well as ready as I could be.

We journeyed into the city. My feet hurt by the time I got to the train station wearing my heels (Sooo not a pro heel wearer) but I felt pretty so I worked those sore feet! I kept checking my phone but Rob assured me she would be fine and was in great hands. I felt as if I was missing something. No pram or giant nappy bag. No bottles and spare outfit changes. Just me, my lippy and my suited and booted guy on my arm.

We arrived in the city and the evening involved beautiful food, delicious wine and a few cheeky cocktails. We talked (mostly about Rosie) and we laughed and it felt so good. We held hands and kissed over the table. The night was magical. It soon came to an end and we were home by 11pm. Rosie was fast asleep and we were told she had been very good with minimal disruption. Seeing her settled in her cot with her little angelic face was the perfect end to the perfect night.

In those few little hours together, it made us both feel so connected, refreshed and oh so appreciative of one another. It may have been an effort to organise but it really was worth it. It made me realise that it’s OK to still want that alone time. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent. In fact, having time to yourselves every now and then probably makes you a better parent as you are also looking after your needs. I woke on the Saturday and couldn’t wait for morning cuddles with my gorgeous little family.

So ladies, I encourage you and your partners to make that time. You just never know how much good it will do you!

Happy Date nights!

Danielle Lauren xoxo