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Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

Tips to adapting to life with a newborn and a toddler

When you find out you’re expecting baby number 2 emotions can range from ‘oh yayy another little bundle of joy to love’ to ‘omg another baby, how will i cope with 2!’ pretty quickly. After the initial excitement of finding out you’re pregnant again the feelings of anxiety can move in and you may start to remember the sleepless nights, the constant feeding and the crazy amount of nappies you go through each day. But this time you have a toddler to contend with too.

First time around you really are in this pregnancy baby bubble. You don’t really know whats ahead of you (as much as people want to tell you) but you’re excited for the road ahead. Second time around, you’re a seasoned pro. You’ve dealt with the birth, feeding, teething, crawling and all the stages in between. You love your little toddler, they are your world and you love seeing them learn and marvel at the simplest of things. You have that confidence as you know you’ve done it once before but this time you have to deal another and adjust to life as a parent of 2!

One thing that you can’t quite imagine is how you could possibly love another as much as you love your firstborn? You worry how your toddler will take to the new baby and whether or not they fully understand the word ‘gentle’ How you are going to juggle all of lifes needs with another in tow. You may feel like you just got into a good routine and now it’s all about to change. I felt all of this and more.

Now that Gracie has hit 5 months old i honestly can’t imagine life without her. The newborn days have come and gone in the blink of an eye. All those worries i felt initially and throughout the pregnancy all melted away as soon as i saw both my girls together. The love you feel really does just double and theres nothing quite like seeing siblings connect. Rosie has really took on the big sister role and is besotted with Gracie. There’s obviously times that are harder than others, especially when both of them want my attention but mostly when i look at them i just feel so much love and wonder why i ever worried about how Rosie would handle it.

I do however think we prepared her pretty well so here are some tips that really helped us adapt to life with a newborn and a toddler:

  • Talk to your toddler about the baby BEFORE they arrive. Make them feel included in the journey, get them to feel your growing bump and explain to them that they are going to be getting a sibling.
  • Get some books that talk about a new baby in the family and big brother/sister books so they can start to understand a little more about what that means.
  • Give you toddler a baby doll to play with if they don’t already have one. Start using terms such ‘softly, gently’ etc so this way they’ll be familiar when baby does arrive.
  • Get your toddler a present from the baby. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Just something to ease the transition. We bought Rosie this beautiful soft fairy doll and she opened it in the hospital.
  • Let them help! Give them jobs such as getting the nappy or baby wipes, getting a rattle, choosing an outfit for baby. Rosie is obsessed with helping during change time and bath time.
  • Make sure you dedicate some one on one time with just your toddler. They’ll love having that time with just you and your full attention. I take Rosie for a weekly park play and we get ice cream together.

These tips really worked for our family and have made our transition to two very smooth. We’ve dealt with minimal jealousy from Rosie and she loves sharing her toys with Gracie (for now anyway!)

Here are some of my cherished photos of that sisterly love between Rosie and Gracie.

I’d love to hear any tips you may have that I’ve not included above that have worked for you so please let me know.

There’s always going to be worries that we as parents face when expecting another bub but just know that our toddlers are so adaptable and in short you’re giving them the most magical gift. The gift of a sibling and a best friend for life.

Now that really is special.

Danielle Lauren


Yummy Mummies and those Breastfeeding comments…

Yummy Mummies and those Breastfeeding comments…

Ok so….We all love a bit of controversy! And generally reality TV is the platform for it.

Like many other Australian mums I was shocked at the adverts for the new show “Yummy Mummies” on Channel 7. But I do love a bit reality TV and I thought to myself….I’ll give it a go!

So…this show follows Rachel, Lorinska and Jane – The Melbourne Yum Mums.

I actually find myself warming to these ladies. They seem a fun bunch and are total babes. (Ladies – you are all total babes too whether you are glam 24/7 or the PJ alllll day type, like me tehehe)

Then the show brings in another Mum – Maria from Adelaide. She lives a designer lifestyle and has Versace galore. Like WOW. So. Much. Versace. Each to their own I say!

Anywhooo…. It’s episode 3 that aired last night that really caught my attention.

Maria and her super outgoing mum Margherita stop for a spot of lunch after a day of shopping. There is another mum who arrives and sits beside them on another table. She begins breastfeeding her 4 and a half month old baby.

A few of the comments Maria and Margherita make are as follows:

For me, Breastfeeding in public should be made Illegal”

She is making me so uncomfortable”

i HATE that, It’s disgusting”

There’s men in here!”

It’s just not classy”

The boobs are supposed to be a sexual thing”

Shes not embarrassed at all”

Now – What I will say is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However as a new mum these comments affected me. Whether they are purely done for Channel 7 entertainment purposes or to cause controversy and get ratings or not. They affected me.

So I wanted to address each of the above for any new mums or mums to be.

For me, Breastfeeding in public should be made Illegal” – Breastfeeding is your choice and if you choose to breastfeed you do it wherever and whenever your baby is hungry. Full stop.

She is making me so uncomfortable” – WHO CARES. If people are uncomfortable that is THEIR problem. Not yours.

i HATE that, It’s disgusting” If feeding your baby is classed as disgusting then I must be a terrible parent.

There’s men in here!” Erm…. AND??

It’s just not classy” – WHAT? Feeding your baby whenever needed….not classy? Oh i’m sorry let me get my Versace boob out!

The boobs are supposed to be a sexual thing” – OH MY GAHHH I CANNOT!

She’s not embarrassed at all” – She has has no NEED to be embarrased, That’s why!

As a new mum you want to do what is best for you and for your baby. Some choose to breastfeed and some choose to bottled feed. Whichever you choose does not matter. As long as your baby is fed and is happy. That is truly what matters.

Comments like the above are just so ignorant. How can someone pass judgement on the way another baby is fed? Like seriously.

What is wrong with breastfeeding your baby in public? NOTHING.

As a new mum you do not want to be chained to the house all day. It’s nice to go for coffee or for a brunch or a nice walk with your new bundle. It is good for both of you.

What you do NOT need as a mum is to be judged HOW you are feeding your baby and WHERE you are feeding your baby. It is the last thing we as mums should worry about.

Now I love Channel 7 (Don’t know what i’d do without Sam and Koche every morning seriously!) However Channel 7 you NEED to think about the message this show is portraying. Is it just a phase or will you lose viewers? I wonder!

To all you wonderful Mums and Mums to be – Whatever your choice of feeding is – OWN IT.

Just like that awesome mum in the background of yummy mummies did. With confidence and dignity.


Happy Feeding

Danielle Lauren xoxo